Real Time in the Age of Lie, JFF, 2004

Real Time in the Age of Lie | Intersection Festival for Experimental Video | 21st Jerusalem Film Festival, Hazira Performance Art, Jerusalem Cinematec | July 2004  

“In an age when lie predominates – the moment is an
aesthetic revolution. Or not.”
(Marianne Loop)

In “Real Time in the Age of Lie”, video art in its plastic and performative context is at the stage center. “Real Time” as the point of departure for an experimental video event, where Real-Time (live broadcasting), Image, and the Immediate, are examined from different angles, through a variety of art fields which make use of the mediums of video and/or photography.

In our present-day visual reality, crucially shaped by the mass media, the art of video in its various manifestations (video art, documentary video, V.J., home video, etc.) has become a central medium for the representation and molding of an-other reality, and for the expression of the counter voice.
In this evening, video works that deal with documenting and processing reality in a poetic, sculptural, conceptual, and/or political way, offer either an alternative for the common visual reality, or supplementing it, or hiding it.
It is an attempt to present one moment – of the real in time.

Curator: Sala-manca

Artists: Amnon Illuz, Sheri Arnon, Shira Borer, Tamy Ben-Tor, Jan Tichy, Eden Ofrat, Yonatan Vinitsky, Marcelo Lauber, Ran Slavin, Davide Grassi, No-org, Sala-manca, Audio Visual Station for Remixing and Recycling