Permanent Residency (2 ch. video, 14 min.)
In August 2018 we moved to Canada for an indefinite period of time, to continue this search.We began the transition with a garage sale to sell off our personal objects, as our departure approached; the sale took the form of an exhibit at the Kfar Saba Urban Gallery and explored the connection between economy, art, and life (the video Garage Sale is a documentation of the opening of the exhibit). ​​​​​​​
In Kingston, Ontario, we rented the only furnished house we could find. The Sobermans, the owners of the house, had died at the beginning of the previous decade, and their children had put the home up for long-term rental “as-is” -- a kind of “family museum,” with a 1960s decor, just as their parents had left it. We lived in the house for a year, inside the set of another family. A video work in the exhibition (Permanent Residency 1) documents fragments of day-to-day family life in Kingston: our children’s cultural acclimation, forays out into nature, and musings about migration and identity.
(from the curatorial text)
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