The subversive reading of the voice
To Save at Least a Rose, Albert Swiss, Haaretz
Dybbuk: Conversation with Dr. Agnieszka Legutko
Presentación de Possession and Dispossession
Sala-manca on Ramat Gan Museum Symposium
For the Sake of Heaven (Podcast Interview)
20 Years to Sala-manca Group,
“Tearing Down Walls”by Solly Elfaks (Film)
In the Heart of..., by Avi Pitchon
Dubbing the Dead: Der Dybbuk 1937–2017 by Zehavit Stern
Sala-Manca celebrando 20 años, por Chiquita Levov
Book Review: The Ethnographic... by Talia Tokatly (heb)
Toward a Transversal Reading of Art ...., Mor Cohen
Arc Peste Timp , A review of the Dybbuk, Timisoara
Interview, by Lenglart and Gorodenzi at Third Text
Pilgrimage, Dana Gillerman, 23/2/18
Amor a la complejidad, José García Calero, ABC)
Yotsrim Series - Sala-manca
The Next Dybbuk, Eppie Bat Ilan
On the architecture of the ephemeral, Diego Rotman
Interview at the TV news program “Making Order”
Interview with Carmela Taichman, 2015
Heara & Hearat Shulaym (2001-2007, video doc.)
A Home Unfound [...] , Daphna Ben-Shaul
Between Eternal and ..., Yehudit Shlosberg, 16.6.17
Nofim Nifkadim, Omer Nezer, Yediot Tel Aviv & Jerusalem
«Отсутствующие пейзажи», Наталья Копелянская
Paisajes Ausentes, por Chiquita Levov, 8.6.2017
“Diego Rotman brings art & politics to the Agnes”
The Jahalin have their own voice
Sala-Manca Artist Group Wanted to ...., Yahav, 15.10.1
Almost Paradise, by Joshe Logue, Jerusalem Post 27.8.15
Building the Eternal Sukkah, Graham Lawson, 9.8.2015
Jacqueline Grandjean about the Eternal Sukkah (dutch)
The Israel Museum Buys... Shani Littman, 12.7.2015
Home-Performance of Sala-manca, Tamar Rotem, 22.1.2014
Group of Donour buys...Hagit Peleg Rotman, 14.7.2015
Mamuta 3 first years
Between An-sky and Canaan, Yaad Biran, 1.2015
Heara art events Ariane Littman, 2014
The Village They Live In, Smadar Shefi, 20.1.12
Behind-the-Scenes Art, Graham, Lawson, 2.9.2012
Linguistics Affinity to Polish, Ora Lev-Ron, 2011
Israelis will Perform at Tate Modern, Azoulay, 2010
About Blaybn Vet a Vint, Alber Suissa, 2013
Contesting a Tourist Site in Jerusalem, Chaim Noy, 2012
To Be in the Present, Rut Pativ, 2011
Counter-pilgrimage, Yoanatan Amir, 2.2010
Nine to Watch, Sarah Douglas, 12.2009
Sound Stretched to the Limit, Ayelet Dekel, 11.3.2009
Coming the Messiha, Time Out, 9.9.08, Eytan Buganim
Mesjasz Poszukiwany, Aleksandra Koslowska, June 2008
Sala-manca Group, Pil&Galia Kollectiv, 2.2008
Here, will not take place any Biennale, Gilerman,2007
Without Inferiority Feelings, Ruti Direktor, 19.10.2007
Do you love the small Sirena (Bat Yam)?, Aladgem, 2007
Talk to the Wall, Jack Faber, 25.3.2005
To Live in Real Time, Jack Faber, 2004
If you’ll Speak it Will not be a Legend, Sharbit, 2009
Mediating the Poetic of Translation, J. Shandler, 2006
Concrete Response 2, Doron Livne, 2004
Yiddish on Israeli Streets, Benjamin Weiner, 2004
From the North, the Poetry, Shiri Lev-Ari, 9.6.03
Proud Parade, Albert Suissa, 20.3.2003
Night comment on oranges and compasses, Haaretz, 5.2003
In Prince Sergey’s Courtyard, Ouzi Tsur, 26.5.03
The Latest Convention’s Breakers, Pil&Galia, 7.2002
Sala-Manca: Notable grupo de Sudamericanos, Levov, 2003
Imposible City, Dana Gilerman, 25.4.2002
Large Margins, Albert Suissa, 30.8.2002
Future Journals, Yoram Melzer, 7.2002
Marginal Young, Hilit Merhav, 7.2002
Who is Who?, Albert Suissa, 30.11.2001
Good morning, revolution, Yuval Zohar, 15.12.00
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