About Heara Events and Hearat Shulaym (among other interesting topics)  in an article by Mor Cohen, publisehd at
Cohen, M. (2018). Toward a Transversal Reading of Art and Politics in Israel, Israel Studies Review, 33(2), 105-122. Retrieved Jun 19, 2019.
Abstract: The 2011 Israeli protest for social justice marked a change in
the responses of Israeli citizens to political and social matters. The ways in
which art and social change intersected during the protest, and the emergence
of art collectives following the events, call for an understanding
of the relation between art and politics in Israel. This article suggests an
alternative reading of socially engaged art in Israel. To this end, I use Félix
Guattari’s notion of ‘transversality’ and Jacques Rancière’s theory on the
‘aesthetic regime’ to highlight significant periods where art and politics
have intersected in ways that have challenged Israeli art historiography,
often neutralizing the political within an artwork. By using a theoretical
framework that emphasizes notions of hybridity and the blurring of
boundaries, I make new connections between times, places, and practices
that go beyond the binaries of center and periphery, mainstream and alternative,
and aesthetics and politics.
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