The Sala-Manca Group is a group of independent Jerusalem-based artists that creates in different fields: performance, video, installation & new media since 2000. Sala-manca’s works deal with poetics of translation (cultural, mediatic and social), with textual, urban and net contexts and with the tensions between low tech and high tech aesthetics, as well as social and political issues. The SALA-MANCA GROUP is Lea Mauas and Diego Rotman, artists born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who live and work in Jerusalem.
Sal-Manca published Hearat Shulaym – (Note in the Margin): Independent
Quarterly for Contemporary Art and Literature (2001-2007), curated and produced
Heara events – multidisciplinary events organized in an independent way with no
commercial or official sponsors, between other projects. In 2009 the founded
the Mamuta Art and Media Center which run at the Daniela Passal’s house between 2009-2012 and in Hansen House since November 2013.
Mamuta  is a center for artistic creation, encounters, research, and display
of art. The Center, is an artist’s run space, comprised of artists’ workspaces; video, sound, and electronics labs; a wood, metal, and plastics workshop and an artist in residence
apartment. The goal of the project is to advance art projects and to create a
framework for artists from different media, as well as curators, architects, designers,
and researchers, who wish to create in the spirit of cooperation, dialogue, and
technological innovation.  The project is dedicated to creating conditions for
developing an active community of artists, allowing for personal development
alongside collaborative work, through an engagement with the place and time.
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