A review about Der Dybbuk 1937-2017, by Dr. Zehavit Stern at the The Drama Review (TDR)
” Rather than embalming the dead (the origins of art according to Bazin), it endows them with an afterlife, or rather, to use Walter Benjamin’s words, with a “weak messianic power” , rooted not in a religious belief, but rather, in human empathy (Einfühlung) and sadness, and in the desire to resist the victor, give voice to those who are stepped over, and thus brush history against the grain.”
Stern, Zehavit. “Dubbing the Dead: Der Dybbuk 1937–2017 at the Jerusalem YMCA Hall.” TDR: The Drama Review, vol. 63 no. 2, 2019, pp. 158-166.
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