Hazira, Jerusalem, 2002. Curator: Hadas Ophrat
In the installation were exposed 80 works made of fax paper (thermal paper), which  its nature will lead them to disappear. Different series of works (maps, citizens, portraits, towns and objects) are exposed, all of which went through a process of “faximilisation”. This technique of manipulation of the picture passing through the fax, thus creating a new image, permits to blur the border between the original and the copy. When the fax work (the “copy”) turns out to be the original, the gap is created. The subversive potential of the fax machine is not solely fulfilled by this technique, but also by the change, by the individual, of the genuine function of the machine (an instrument used to the transmission of information and to communication) and mostly, by the combination of the both: sending “fax works” through the machine.

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