In the frame of the exhibition: “Hilchot Shcehnim, Chapter B”, 24.4.2004-24.6.2004
Curators: Galit Eilat, Eyal Danon

The “Urban Over Memory Archives of Holon” is a project consisting of documenting and cataloguing the Over Memory of the periphery of the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon. This project is the second in a series of urban archival works+2. The archives result from a process of cataloguing video, audio and motion items, generally conceived as irrelevant and dull. SALA-MANCA attempts to establish a representation of another memory, different and poetic, pertaining to a geographic-artistic space. Items usually regarded as irrelevant may reveal a different, unofficial aspect, thus complementing the ’relevancy,’ which forever is a relative concept. The “Urban Over Memory Archives of the Periphery of the Israeli Center for Digital Art” are located physically at the center, thus reversing the center-periphery relationship in a poetic and symbolic manner. Another denser, and at the same time broader, version of the archives may be found on the web, a center-less entity, which is to be the future meeting point of the Israeli Urban Over Memory.
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