No Confidence by the Sala-Manca group in collaboration with Amir Boltzman—including a recreation of Havilio’s speech in the Municipality’s court case against the Barbur Gallery. It is several years now that Barbur has been operating in the Mazkeret Moshe neighborhood in Jerusalem, and since 2005 it has had to contend with political persecution over its hosting of “controversial” political activity.  On August 30, 2018, a hearing was held at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court in the matter of the Jerusalem Municipality’s lawsuit against the gallery. In the video clip, at the artists’ request, the gallery’s attorney, Yossi Havilio, recreates the essence of his arguments at that historic hearing, in which Judge Amir Dahan ruled that the gallery must vacate its premises.

Shows: In the frame of the exhibition “Barbarians” at Mamuta at the Hansen House, curated by Sagit Mezamer, Yehudit Shlosberg-Yogev, Nurit Dreamer, Ein Kristal and Amir Bolzman

Harama Magazine
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