Kingston Sukkah (2019) | A project by Sala-manca  (concept) in collaboration with Brian Hoad (painting)
Lumber, acrylic colours, lamps, palma tree.
Approaching the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, near the beginning of our time in Kingston, we built a Sukkah in the yard. Contrary to the custom of dismantling the Sukkah after the end of the holiday, we left our Sukkah standing throughout the entire year, exposed to the extreme changes in weather. At the end of the winter we invited Canadian painter Brian Hoad to paint the snowy absentee landscapes of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee peoples  on the walls of the Sukkah and thus to commemorate the frozen Lake Ontario on the wall traditionally designated for an image of Jerusalem.
We shipped the Sukkah with the Canadian landscapes to Jerusalem as a Gazebo, in order to install it as an ethnographic object at Hansen House.
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