The Church of Criticism, 2012

Installation, in the frame of The Museum of the Contemporary, Mamuta in Ein Karem

Another stop along the tourists’ route, where art becomes the decoration of a private school-trip experience. The museum is a modern secular church and the performance executed in the Church is a combination of a mass, sermon and poetry reading. A reference to the unique geographic site of the Museum of the Contemporary, midway through the pilgrimage route to the Church of Visitation. A sculptural object, duplication of an Eastern European church to the Arab village; another comment on the process of converting the house’s original identity, “halfway” between the architectural tradition of a Norwegian church and a zimmer in northern Israel. The Church of Criticism features and quotes Western philosophers as icons of the Church’s outlook.

[*Knesiat Habikoret, a play on the Hebrew name of Church of Visitation]

Pine wood, stained glass, projector, mixer, computer, music machine, microphones, metal megaphone, camera obscura :pierced black wallpaper, tracing paper



Sound of the Installation: Yarden Erez, “The Temple of Contemporary”

Short doc of the video installation at the church: