The Underground Academy, Open Studio, 2014

The Underground Academy – The Academy of the Contemporary

Open Studio Exhibition in the frame of Manofim 2014

Artists: Chen Cohen,  Ktura Manor, Itamar Mendes-Flohr,  Sala-Manca, Yeshaiau Rabinowitz, Yoel Regev, Maytal Rotenberg, Ayelet Zohar


Ayelet Zohar


Yeshaiau Rabinovitz


Ktura Manor


Maytal Rotenberg

In 1963 Portuguese poet João DelgadoIn wrote, in an unpublished manifesto, that all museums, universities and sports clubs should be closed for at least one year, in order to reopen a year later.  After Delgado locked two municipal museums with his own locks, he was arrested.  In jail he wrote the outlines for The Academy of the Contemporary.