Hefziba Ita Shuali’s “Re~life”curated by Sala-manca at the Artist’s House Jerusalem







Opening: Saturday, 16 September 2017 Closing: Saturday, 11 November 2017 Gallery talk: Tuesday, 17 October 2017 18:00

7th exhibition in the 20th Nidbach series  Shuali’scurrent exhibition, her first one, is much like her art: a constantly evolving work that changes in the process. The exhibition refers concurrently to the space at the Jerusalem Artists House and to the place in which she lives and works in her everyday. Most ofherworksheretoforewere implemented in public spaces or in those which are not defined explicitly as artistic venues, where she sought to link situations of gallery displaywithperformativeworkin a non-sterile space.   The rhythm of Shuali’s visual works isalwaysperformativeandbreathing. Arriving at a given space, her gaze looks for those spots where the space breaches itself, and it is there that she aims.Shualidraws links between the space and the world outside. She struggles with the constraints of the space, while also struggling to create trust and reciprocity with it; she does not enforceareadymadeworkon the space, nor does she let its walls delimit her work. The same is also true of her approach to artistic practice. Questions regarding her place in the world (and in the field of art) guide the work process, at whose conclusion she lends both the space and her own practice a new life.  The exhibition “Re~life” is an invitation to confront a lab-like situation which metamorphoses throughout its duration of presentation in the Nidbach space.21731197_1811953975484686_4718231826473244047_n 21433071_1811954062151344_5387470859513529933_n 21433244_1811954022151348_8452765765676350505_n