The Queen’s Journal: “Diego Rotman brings art & politics to the Agnes”

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Queen’s Journal, 11.11.16, by Josh Malm

“On Monday, the Agnes Etherington Art Centre hosted acclaimed Argentinian-Israeli artist Diego Rotman, as he delivered a thought-provoking presentation on his latest project, The Eternal Sukkah.

Rotman, an academic, interdisciplinary artist and curator, has a particular interest in performance practices that engage local historiography, folklore research, art politics and Jewish culture.

In 2014, Rotman and fellow Israeli artist Lea Mauas built a sukkah (a Jewish ritual and dwelling), inspired by a Bedouin tent-like home common to those who live in the desert. This became their work, entitled, The Eternal Sukkah, representing Bedouin nomadic culture in the context of modern day refugees.”

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