Visit of Kids from Khan-Al-akhmar

More than 30 kids from the Jahalin community came for a visit to the Israel Museum in the frame of the “Eternal Sukkah” project. It was an intensive, rich and amazing day of learning, joy and dialogue. 1557639_982079805206798_7673821423017568809_n
The kids, who enjoyed so much the different exhibitions of the museum can’t visit this Museum, neither the sea, neither the zoo without special permits from the Civil Administration. The visit was a joyful and for all of the kids was their first visit to an art and archeological museum and to the Zoo.
We visit the Tent/Sukkah and then spoke about the reality of house demolitions, unrecognized status and against that the attempt to keep, respect and share an invisible reality for many of the museum visitors. We talk about the idea that the “Eternal Sukkah” hosts the Jahalin reality as well as the sukkot tradition is hosted at the Jahalin Tent. After the lunch we went to the Zoo in order to fulfill their wishes for that day. It was for all of us an unforgettable experience. 12821640_1239622052717884_2428759317367094630_n

Thanks a lot to the Israel Museum for hosting and organizing this experience, thanks to Melhem for planning so well, in all the details such a special day of art & joy. Thanks to all those who made this possible: Amitai, Shir, Rita, Tamara,Ella, Melhem, Ahmed, Ala, Ruth, Tali, Tariq, Suleiman, Sabrin, Ahud, Abu Suleiman and to Bar Kayma non-profit בר-קיימא for helping us to bring the kids.