Esther the Tour Guide at the Museum of the Contemporary Presents: 
Preserved by Myself: War Protocol
Audio tour (in Hebrew or Arabic)
February-March 2024
Mamuta Art & Research Center
Hansen House, Guedaliau Alon 14, Jerusalem
Work by Sala-Manca Group
The exhibition opens on February 8th (no opening event)
Tour length: 11 min | The tour is designated for a single participant 
Opening days and hours: Tue 12:00-16:00, Wed-Thu 12:00-17:00, Fri 10:00-14:00
Narration in hebrew: Diego Rotman, Lea Mauas | Narration in arabic: Julian Maswadeh, Dalleh Tarabey | Production: Naama Mokady | Recordings, sound design and installation: Eitan Haviv | Hebrew editing: Inbal Keydar | Translation arabic: Anwar Ben Badis, Julian Maswadeh | Exhibition space coordinator: Gaya Or-Ner Adani | Graphic Design: Maya Shleifer
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