Hearat Shulaym (Note in the Margin) was an Independent Journal of Contemporary Art and Literature published by the group of artists Sala-Manca. The purpose of the magazine “is to temporarily shift the gaze of the “reader” from the dominant culture, which, for the group members is mostly a marginal culture. The aim is to expose works from artists from different fields that were conceptualized far from main existing trends. This magazine is published without advertisements and without any official support”.
This issue includes works by  [mez], Alan Sondheim, Ariel Malka, Eric Sadin, Eric Andreychek, Graham Harwood, Jim Rosenberg, Lo_y, Joao Delgado, Gilad Meiri and articles by Florian Cramer, Roberto Simanowski, Hagar Salamon, Eduardo Kac and Eric Sadin. 
The dvd includes works by: Josef Sprinzak, Ilan Green, Dana Levy, Sala-Manca, Keren Shabit, Guy Maymon, Ariel Plotkin, Yonatan Vinitky and Yiffat Layst.
Editors: Lea Mauas, Diego Rotman
Designed by:  Nemtor Vagid

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