Hearat Shulaym (Note in the Margin) was an Independent Journal of Contemporary Art and Literature published by the group of artists Sala-Manca. The purpose of the magazine “is to temporarily shift the gaze of the “reader” from the dominant culture, which, for the group members is mostly a marginal culture. The aim is to expose works from artists from different fields that were conceptualized far from main existing trends. This magazine is published without advertisements and without any official support”.
This issue, which includes a dvd video "VideoColor" with 3 video works by Assaf Sety ('Godfrid'), Pil&Galia Kollectiv (The Future for Less) & Adi Kaplan, Shachar Karmel, Noam Kaplan, Itay Onik, Yonatan Vinitsky ('Golem'), is devoted to the reconstruction of one of the poet Joao Delgado's most memorable acts. The current issue is facsimile of issue #3452 of the daily Portuguese newspaper "La Opinion." In 1928, a day after the military coupe d'etat, the Portuguese poet Joao Delgado, who was the necrologies writer for the newspaper, changed the ink color in the printing press from black to white. With subtle poetics, the blank issue anticipated the dark times descending upon the Portuguese people since that day. All the copies of that issue were confiscated and burnt by the army, but only one survived. That single copy, signed by the poet, was given by him to his friend Arturo Maure. Today the copy is in the British Museum Library. Delgado's signature was torn off."
Editors: Lea Mauas, Diego Rotman
Designed by:  Nemtor Vagid
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