Ronen Eidelman, Lea Mauas, Diego Rotman (eds.), *Heara – Independent Art in Jerusalem at the Beginning of the 21st Century, 2014, Jerusalem: Hearat Shulaym, 2014 [English and Hebrew | Book, 352 p.]
*Heara is a collection of testimonies, reflections, interpretations and documentations of Heara events, as well as images from issues of Hearat Shulaym (Note in the Margin), an independent contemporary art and literature journal published together and as an inherent part of the events. The book includes articles published in Hearat Shulaym and additional articles written especially for the book by Israeli artists and scholars, as well as artworks which were part of the Heara art project. The art events and journal were active in divided, grief-stricken Jerusalem of the Second Intifada, outside conventional art venues and without any cooperation or funding by the government or private corporations. Nevertheless, the events managed to form fascinating connections between artists operating in different media ־ visual art, theater, poetry, video and sounds, and created a platform of growth and articulation for hundreds of artists, producing exciting, unpredictable, inspiring and thought-provoking pieces.

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