Albatros 2003 oder 2003 Albatros/ Performance /Metula's Poetry Festival / Metula, June 2003 / Digital Version with: Zax and Finkelstein: Roza,October 2003/Hazira Performance Art, March 2004/IWO, Hebraica, December 2004/Poetry Place, Jerusalem, May 2005/NYU & JTS Seminar on Jews & Performance, September, 200

manifest # 1[video]




The performance deals with the Yiddish modernist poetry from a today point of view and with the hebrew tranlation in a yiddish script (phonetic).Texts and manifests of the main yiddish poets of the 20th century (Peretz Markish,A.Leyeles, Avraham Sutzkever, Uri Tzi Grinberg, Moyshe-Leyb Halpern, Yaakov Glatshteyn, and more) live in harmony with original yiddish texts written by Sala-Manca. The sound version was done with Finkelstein & Zax.

The performance "Albatros 200x oder 200x Albatros", re-visits those texts, and pays homage to their revolutionary spirit by using cutting edge and experimental technology to process and re-use them as audio-visual material.