Interference/ Intersection Festival for Experimental Cinema and Video/ 22st Jerusalem Film Festival,at - Hazira Performance --Art, Khan Theater, Jerusalem Cinematec / July 2005

interference || 1. An act or a state of hindrance, an intrusion or intervention || 2. (Physics)- The mutual phenomenon of an encounter between two series of waves. || 3. (Electronics)- The distorted portion of a received signal || 4. (Art) – A poetic form of intervention

Fifteen artists from different disciplines were invited to exhibit works pertaining to interference resulting in delicate poetic or political interventions relating to space, media and culture. Personal remarks attempting to question the established.Interference as a means of poetic intervention.

concept: sala-manca

Artists & Works:


Sound & Video performances

Krechz (Ilan Green + Gil Wasserman ) + Yair Reshef - Video&Sound Performance

Dafna Naphtali - { kaleid-o-phone} - performance

Assaf Talmudi - The Way Sounds Makes Up Their Minds - An open computer music installation

Nevet Yizhak and Ron Katzir - From the East will open…

Installations / Actions

Avner Eitan - Action - Scultpure

David Behar -Untitled

Hagar Goren and Ronen Eidelman - Action

Eden Ofrat - Untitled - Video installation

Ilana Zuckerman - birdonbird - sound installation

Ruti Sela & Maayan Amir - Actors’ dressing room - Action & Video

Sala-manca - object, video installation