Exhibitions, events & shows curated and organized by sala-manca

Heara 11 – The Last Comment

The issues with which “Last Comment or Before We Turn Into a Biennale” deals are: Utopia, in its different aspects such as “no-where”, “perfect place”, “perfect society”; walking and transit areas. We will deal with these areas not only as separation but also as points of encounter between different groups of society – Haredi, Secular, Muslims, Jews and Christians. Each issue will receive a different character expressed by works in the various locations of the event.

He’ara 11” will take place in Jerusalem in the areas of the Russian Compound and Ha-Nevi’im Street at four different locations.[Jerusalem, Several Venues, October 2007] [more]


HaGolem Project

The Golem project is the result of a long research and working process, which involved artists from the fields of the fine arts and the performing arts. The theme of The Golem afforded us the possibility to work on one of the most important issues in philosophy, folklore, Jewish mysticism, the arts, literature, and cinema, while also serving as a metaphor for evolving technology. It seems to us that by returning to the subject fro a contemporary viewpoint creates the possibility to examine different interpretations of The Golem. The long period of preparation for the project commenced with a seminar of two days in which artists from a wide spectrum of the arts met with researches from different fields.After this seminar the artists were invited to send us their proposals for works that deal with the subject of The Golem and who reflect the working process and development that we sought out. The proposals we chose represent unique forms of expression. The Lab, as a venue for the arts, which combines new media, is the fitting place and space for the production of this project, both from the point of view of our desire to deal the issue of the development of technology, the role of “space” in the arts and based on the working process of The Lab as a “Laboratory” for the arts – one that attempts to illuminate different aspects of a subject without the desire to reach conclusive results.During the course of the past year, we have held lectures and exchanges between the artists and have accompanied the different projects. The Golem project serves as a crossroads in time and space, which opens the working process to the general public, through our desire to expose the public to the artist’s works and to maintain an open dialogue with it. Curated by sala-manca together with Ofira Henig. [to the program] / @ TheLab, Jerusalem, 29.10-4.11.2007

Blogs? Project
The ¿blog?
project takes blog as art and as a stage for net artworks investigating the language, the aesthetics, the impacts and the practices of blogs, blogging and the blogoesphere / net exhibition curated by Sala-Manca with Matvey Shapiro@ no-org.net/August 2006 / [to the project]


Sugia 2 - On Art, Culture and Society June 16 and 17, 2006
Sergey's Courtyard, Heleni Hamalka 13, Jerusalem

SUGIA is an independent event providing a meeting between artists, cultural mediators, researchers and the wide audience. Discussions, lectures and project presentations dealing with the diversified interaction between art,culture, new media, politics and society will be held for two days.

The event endeavours to map the artistic practices of groups and individuals operating in Israel and to serve the encounter between them; to open new channels of dialog, cooperation and widening of the independent initiative.

The entrance fee is 10 shekels for each day of the event, including the entrance to the Rekolektzia event and to the independent publishing fair. Entrance fee is collected in order to cover the expenses.

Organizide together with: Ronen Eidelman, Hagar Goren, Masha Zusman and Matvey Shapiro. [more]


Heara 10 - Comments on the Israeli Acropolis, Science Museum, Jerusalem

the artists will turn the Science Museum into an art laboratory which examines the immediate surroundings where the museum is located: the government authorities' quarters (Prime Minister offices, the Knesset, the Supreme Court, Bank Israel, etc), the Hebrew University at Givat Ram, The Israel Museum. The works will deal with the national institutions in an attempt to comment in a non-conventional way on the modes of action of the State, and the history of the "Nation Hill"./ February, 2006 [more]  


Interference Event

Openinng Event of the Experimental Cinema and Video Festival "omanut batzomet", in the frame of the 22nd Jerusalem Film Festival. Fifteen artists from different disciplines were invited to exhibit works pertaining to interference resulting in delicate poetic or political interventions relating to space, media and culture. Personal remarks attempting to question the established.Interference as a means of poetic intervention. / 22st Jerusalem Film Festival, Hazira Performance --Art, Khan Theater, Jerusalem Cinematec, July 2005 / [more] 


sugia - on art, culture and society [heara 9] /

Sugia, is a platform for meeting and discussion of practical questions and actual problems regarding art, new media, politics and society.The event is also an attempt for mapping, meeting and sharing artistic practices between groups and individuals who are active locally.We intend to create a dialogical and open meeting and invite artists, collectives, researchers, cultural actives and all that are interested in taking part in the initiative to send proposals for panels, lectures, projects and workshops regarding the subjects defined below, and also to send works or texts to archives that will be created in accordance to these subjects and will be available for the public.Organized by Sala-manca, Masha Zusman, Tal Adler, Ronen Idelman, Hagar Goren, Matvey Shapiro, Rafram Chaddad, Nir Harel, Galit Eilat, June 2005 / [more

netopticon project/ Netopticon report attempts to display works and actions that reveal, subvert and demystify systems of control in the network and the urban spaces. Works that vary from those taking the aesthetic and poetic approach, treating the systems of control and monitoring as intimate, personal and narrative subject to politically oriented projects inverting the use of technologies and the control means for countersurveillance... curated by Sala-Manca & VagRearg @ no-org.net/ May 2005 / [more] 


Heara 8 - Comment on Hospitals and School/ International Anglican School, Jerusalem/

 The event is an invitation to comment artistically on two central institutions in modern society in general, and in Israeli society in particular. Through these institutions society channels knowledge, values and messages which give form to the character of the individual and thus give form to society itself./ November 2004 / [more


data/reference/art /

next exhibition compiled of nine art projects, each presenting an original approach to the theme of data/reference, placing in doubt, rethinking the signification, the function and the objectives of data collections on the Net/ curated by Sala-Manca & VagRearg @ no-org.net/ September 2004 / [more]


Real Time in the Age of Lie/

Intersection Festival for Experimental Video/ 21st Jerusalem Film Festival, Hazira Performance Art, Jerusalem Cinematec / July 2004 / [more]


video/net/art project

The exhibition endeavors to analyze the peculiarities of video art as it develops on the net. The exhibition is not merely concerned with the digital/network platform replacing the more traditional support - the tape, but also, and above all, with development of the new narratives and aesthetics granted by mechanisms of network and digital media: deconstruction, interaction, randomization, multi-layerness, browser dependence, real-time broadcast and editability; alteration, combination and incorporation of various media within video medium or video elements within them. / curated by Sala-MAnca & VagRearg @ no-org.net / June 2004/ [more]


Heara 7 & Shtilkayt 1 (sound event)

Heara 7, Minhal Kehilati Lev Hair, May 13 2004 / Heara 7 is the result of the encounter between contemporary artists (guests) and the Community Center "Lev Hair", its sorroundings (Nachlaot neighbourhood, Mahane Yehuda Market) and its inhabitants. The works deal with the concept of comunity (cultural, ethnic, social, national and artistic comunity), and a Jerusalem urban center / Lev-Hair Community Center, May 2004 / [more]


no/copy/right project

Cultural changes invoked by the development of the Internet and cybernetics transformed the issue of free exchange of artworks, and more broadly that of art objects and knowledge to one of the most challenging in contemporary art. New rules have been developed to ascribe freedom to an art object or to lock it under control. Copyright, no copyright and copyleft, turned to subject matters identifying work patterns (modus operandi), often setting standpoints and modus vivendi among cultural text producers. These topics, these legal procedures, call into question and redesign the definition of authority on cultural texts. Every art object can be potentially reproduced, be copied, mutate or infinitely evolve, giving rise to a new culture of weblore: exclusive type of creation of the net, where a motif, a certain detail, a floating cultural text obtains through the recreation of an other (viewer-navigator-artist), a new artistic, poetic, cultural status, continuing the transformation process of collective creation. An artwork might get over transformation every time and in order with new cultural connections of the viewer co-creator. To this capableness, to its legal boundaries, and to its cultural, social, economical, and political impacts relate the works exhibited on the current show / net exhibition curated by Sala-Manca with VagRearg @ no-org.net / February 2004/ [more]


Heara 6 - On the Borders (of) the Comment/ Citadel of David, Jerusalem/

Heara 6 deals with one of the central symbols of Jerusalem and its implications and meanings in the Jerusalem of our days./ October 2003/ [more]


Heara 5 /  Sergey's Courtyard, Jerusalem / Sergey Courtyard

itself and the hostel building, its geographical location in the city- an island of noble beauty and silence in the city center, in front of the Today Jerusalem Jail in the Russian Compound, the building’s and area’s history, the present use of as well as today political situation, were the themes of the Event and of the works./ May 2003/ [more]


Heara 4 - Big Comment / Underground Prisoners Museum

More than 60 artists from different art fields were invited to create site and time specific works, which made a unique dialogue with the building, its history and the permanent exhibition of the Old Prison of Jerusalem in the Russian Compound./ December 2002/ [more]


Heara 3- Sound&Text/ The Argentinean House/

Event devoted to sound art and its contemporary tendencies in the fields of performance poetry, sound works, dj, hip-hop performance, experimental digital music, installations and video works/ August 2002/ [more]


Heara 2/ Saydoff Courtyard /

This event was devoted to Jerusalem artists who work in the fields of video, performance, installation, photography, sound and sculpture. More than 20 artists presented new works, which proved to be an artistic reaction and comment to the hard and complex times that reign in the Middle East/ Abril 2002/ [more]

Kaleydoskop - Yiddish Avant-Gard/ Hazira Performance Art,

Jerusalem, June 2001 / [more]