Pilim beleylot Metula (Elephants on Metula's Nights)/


The Neighbour Next Door/Sasiedzi dla Sasiadów – edycia V, Warsaw,Poland, 8.7.06/Forum Stadt Park Graz, Under.Ctrl. Project,4.2006/ /8&9 Metula's Poetry Festival; Metula, June 2005 / The Upgrade International, Eybeam, New York, September, 2005 / Blurrr 5- Bienniale of Performance Art, November, 2005/ Jewish Film Festival, Jerusalem Cinematec, December 2005

Pilim beleylot Metula (Elephants on Metula's Nights) is a performance for video, digital slides, video, films, animation and two voices in Yiddish and hebrew. The performance is based on texts of the Yiddish Poet Avraham Sutzkever (1913-).
The performance is present a personal reading of Sutzkever's texts and a recontextualization of his poetry in the israeli literature from a poetic and postrealistic approach.

all the documantation images by Sasha Alechov, in Metula, 2005

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