The History of Batya M. : The Return Home, 2013

Shown at the salon of the artits’s house, Musrara, 2013

Sala-manca, Laura Simcovich, Dina Blei, Andres Simcovich, Samuel Rotman, Ayu, Nahuel, Cuca | Music: Yarden Erez

“Batya M. – The Return Home (2013)” is the last (and only) episode of the tetelenovela - return homelenovela starring and filmed by Sala-Manca group in Buenos Aires and Jerusalem and a continuation of The History of Batya M. (2007) .

The screening of the single episode will be held at the home of the telenovela’s protagonists in Jerusalem’s Musrara neighborhood, rendering the viewing experience an active experience that includes performative activities and dinner, with a tongue-in-cheek action in which the protagonists and viewers become the participants in an unaired reality show.


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