Eternal Shabes, 2009-2014

Ready made, base with white lacquer, two candlesticks, two light bulbs, white electrical cord, short black electrical cord, electrical plug, white insulation tape

Candlesticks created for Osher and Malka Rotman, parents of the artist in Buenos Aires in 1990. The nanny Cristina used to light the candles every Sabbath Eve. It was never clear who and how blew them out, if at all. In 1995 the candlesticks returned to Samuel Rotman’s home and in 2009 they were brought to Israel.

Exhibited at “Drama of Identities” curated by Irena Gordon, in Beth Hatfutsot MuseumElectric Sabbath is a work by Samuel Rotman; at the Museum of the Contemporary, Ein Karem; The Ethnographic Department, Hansen House

“Lea Mauas and Diego Rotman, the Sala-Manca group, persistently deal with the modes of formation of Jewish cultural identity through various acts of translation and through the creation of alternative, fictional histories that hold up Diaspora culture as a critical and emotional mirror to Israeli culture.

Samuel Rotman

Samuel Rotman

IMG_0280They create performative video and sound installations alongside cinematic and theatrical works, whose nature is ironic and full of parody though always centered on the particular human subject. At the center of “Eternal Sabbath,” the installation prepared especially for this exhibition, are electric candles—a family heirloom. The story surrounding them poses questions about Jewish and Socialist traditions.” (Irena Gordon)