Autonomy & Anatomy of the Moving Image (conference), 2013

Video & Experimental Cinema in the Last Decade

Celebrating 10 years of the Video Art and Experimental Cinema Awards at the Jerusalem Film Festival

July 7-9 •  Jerusalem Cinematheque •  Free Entrance (except for screenings) • 7.7 and 8.7 will be held in English without translation 9/7 will be held in Hebrew without translation .
Jerusalem Film Festival | Mamuta Art and Media Center | Hebrew University | Bezalel Art Academy, Department of Screen-Based Arts with the generous support of the Ostrovsky Family Fund

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The symposium will explore how developments in new technologies have turned the Internet into a new platform replacing traditional platforms and media. The conference will also address the “war on terror” policy, which has turned video into one of the central instruments of state control. At the same time, subversive video practices have been developed by artists and activists, not only developing new social and political practices for “powerless” individuals and groups, but influencing and re-defining the aesthetics, poetics, and politics of video/art in the last decade or more, from the 9/11 attacks and until the Arab spring.