Living in a Film, 2014

Mamuta at Hansen | January-February 2013

Artists: Asya Lukin, Itamar Mendes-Flohr, Guy Yitzhaki, Hagar Goren, Hadassa Goldvitch, Zemer Sat, Yarden Erez, Einat Amir and Sala-Manca

Curators: Sala-manca

The project, which incorporates art, cinema and performance, will feature eight artists who were artists-in-residence at Mamuta in Ein Karem. The entrance to “Living in a Film” is every full hour. The viewers are led by a movie usher named Esther, a girl born to a Jewish Orthodox family, who left religion and fell in love with the usher of the Lisbon Cinema, which operated in the cellars of the leppers’ house in the city of Lisbon in Portugal between 1963 and 1973 (the era of Salazar’s dictatorship – and managed to serve as the underground nerve center of freedom fighters, right under the regime’s nose). In the wake of her love to the usher she also fell in love with the art of cinema, and because of that love was banished from her home.

images from the exhibition

FFINAL-Poster-Live-in-a-Film (1)

The  Exhibition is supported by the Ostrovsky Family Fund and the Ministry of Culture